Beta - Stainless Steel Inkless Pen

SKU: 9a7193

The Beta Pen is made in Germany and uses the medieval technology of writing in metal applied to modern tastes and design! The Beta pen has an aluminium body with a 0.7mm wide stainless steel tip - there is no ink or lead!

The writing experience and uses is similar to a lead pencil. However, the stainless steel lines do not smudge or easily erase and the tip is very strong and does not break off.

The pen is much heavier than a normal pencil and so it writes slightly more slowly but has a very substantial feel. The marks can be erased if lightly impressed and immediately erased with a high quality eraser.

Use the unique Beta pens and see why it has won 2 design awards - a great scientific novelty with many applications!

SIZE: 160mm
MATERIALS: Aluminium Body - Stainless Steel Tip - NO INK
SUITS: Most paper surfaces
SHARPENING: Can be Sharpened with fine sand paper, though very rarely!
SOURCE: Made in Germany

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