Blossoming Brands Program at NoteMaker

blossoming brands

Do you have a young and growing stationery brand with a strong designs focus? We’d love to hear from you!

NoteMaker has created an opportunity to launch four new smaller brands each year, marketing the brand to our 50,000 stationery lovers from across the globe. This is an opportunity smaller brands often don’t have – as you may have discovered, getting your brand stocked by retailers can be challenging before you’re a proven entity. Whilst we stock the very best of breed from around the globe, we also believe in supporting small designers and connecting them to our audience of stationery lovers. 

After seven years of selling designer stationery, we have a knack for knowing what will appeal and how to make a stationery brand appeal to its intended audience.

We’ll buy up to 12 products of your range, shoot them beautifully, add our own insight to your copy and launch it to our community. It's a great opportunity to get your stationery brand to a wider audience – both customers, media and taste makers - and help kick-start your business. And if your stationery sells well, we’ll be happy to order more!

Submit your stationery brand for consideration

If you’d like to submit your new stationery brand for this program, please send an email to with the following information:

- An introduction to your stationery business – covering why you’ve started it, what skills your bring, what’s different about it, etc.
- An idea of your plans for the coming year in terms of range, product release and where you hope to sell it
- Your sell price to us and RRP (note, we’d need at least a 100% mark up for this to be viable)
- Low res (smaller file size) images of your products

If you’re in consideration for one of four places over the next year, we’ll get back in touch.

A few conditions of the program

- We’ll sell at your set RRP, as we’d also expect you to do, for the first 3 months from listing
- Photography by NoteMaker will only be for use by NoteMaker
- We’ll likely choose to support the brand through a combination of email marketing, social media and blog posts, but this isn’t guaranteed
- You must send us several samples (at your cost) for consideration if we agree to consider stocking you as part of the ‘Blossoming Brands’ program
- Your brand must be new. That is, launched within 18 months of you contacting us.

First in the Blossoming Brands Program

Byron Bound