Copic - Air Brush System

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The Copic Airbrush System (Copic ABS) is the coolest art tool ever! This starting set includes everything you need to turn any of your Copic Marker or Copic Sketch Markers into a professional airbrush system. 

It's incredibly easy to use, takes less than a minute to set up and is really compact and easy to carry. It includes Air Grip, Air Adaptor, Air Can 180, Air Hose & Air Can Holder. Think of it as a desktop airbrush system/air compressor! The Air Can 180 gives you about 45 minutes of airbrushing time and is a great alternative to a full scale professional air compressor, which cost hundreds of dollars (and are compatible with Copic ABS, if you have one...)

Simply load your Copic Sketch or Copic Marker into the Air Grip, pull the trigger, and explore colour like never before! The applications are endless and the scope and variety of style you can indulge in is just so broad, it's a truly exciting tool to hold and use!

Using the different nibs of your copic sketch or marker, you can achieve varisble spray patterns and also tweak the length and intensity of each squeeze of the trigger and the distance away from your paper or surface for greater variety still. Remember, Copic ink works on heaps of surfaces, from wood, to paper, leather, ribbon, clay and much more! 

QUANTITY: 1 Air Brush System
CONTAINS: Air Grip, Air Adaptor, Air Can 180, Air Hose & Air Can Holder
SUITS: Copic Marker or Copic Sketch.
LIFE: Air Can 180 gives you 45minutes of air...refills are readily available.
FEATURES: Too many to mention! Less than a minute to set up and put away / Portable / Amazing!
SOURCE: Made in Japan

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Copic - Air Brush System