Copic - Wide Marker - B24 (Sky)

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B24 Sky is a soft, hazy shade of light blue and the copic wide marker is the perfect tool for it! Cover wide expanses of skyscape with each stroke and add nuance of colour and shading by varying the way you use the wide tip.

The Copic Wide Marker is the number one art tool for colouring large areas with a consistent stroke. Their best application is in backgrounds and landscapes, but they have plenty of other great uses too: calligraphy, architectural design, graffiti, product rendering, journalling and even highlighting, depending on your writing instruments. Because of the broad tip (2cm strokes), you can achieve multiple layers of shading with the one marker and multiple point widths by choosing which surface of the marker contacts your paper.

The alcohol based ink is permanent and non-toxic. It dries acid-free (archival quality) and can be used to blend with Copic Sketch or Copic markers. Any two copic markers can be blended together to create new shades and nuances of colour. You can pallet-blend on acetate, achieve multiple degrees of shading and generally explore colour like never before!

The tips are of astounding quality - they do not fluff or break no matter how roughly treated they are and you can rub any two tips together to create a new colour. This doesn't tarnish either marker and each will quickly return to its perfect, normal self. Copic wide nibs are replaceable too, but you probably won't need to replace them.

Copic Markers are the highest quality art tools in the world today! They are Made in Japan and are the number one marker for creative people - whether professional, semi-professional, or hobbyist! 

QUANTITY: 1 Marker 
INK: Alcohol-Based Ink. Non-toxic. Permanent. Archival Quality. Blendable.
TIPS: 1 Super Broad tip (1.9cm strokes)
SUITS: Illustration, design and calligraphy, among other uses!
FEATURES: Replaceable nibs. Refillable Ink. Blendable. Lifetime Use. Amazing Nibs!
SOURCE: Made in Japan

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Copic - Wide Marker - B24 (Sky)