Boxed Card Sets

Boxed Card Sets


We stock the best brands from Rifle Paper Co, made in the USA, to the gorgeous French-made G Lalo card sets to Original Crown Mill paper from the courts of Belgium.

Nothing endears the content of a message to its recipient quite like a note card! We have a great range of cards and note card sets, all designed by designers, printed and sometimes even letterpress cards onto beautiful stationery. They are perfect for sending your thoughts, thanks and messages!

Our note cards are not just beautiful, they are also really well made from the finest paper mills. Most of our note cards arefountain pen friendly and a great canvas to try out your favourite colour of fountain pen ink! An excellent alternative to a standard greeting card and even excellent as home made invitations, our note cards are beautiful to touch and do your thoughtful message justice!

If you have a longer message in mind, try some beautiful A5 writing paper or a correspondence set, both are essential tools in the armoury of any socialite!