Kaweco - Ice Sport Ballpoint Pen - Retractable - Pink

SKU: KW-10000580_R
The Kaweco Ice Sport has a thick comfy body shape made of high quality, transparent plastic. The pen is very compact - it's just 10.5cm in length.

The retractable ballpoint is made of stainless steel and carbon tungsten. It's tough and it doesn't wear out or deform with age or use. The ballpoint is very smooth and produces and unexpectedly dark, vivid black line, quite like a rollerball. It doesn't smudge and is very fast by ballpoint standards.

First designed in the 1930s, the German-made Kaweco Sport is a compact, reliable pen with an excellent vintage-meets-contemporary look. 

Kaweco D1 ballpoint pen refills are available. The Kaweco Ice Sport is seriously great value for money!
QUANTITY: 1x Pen in Tin Gift Box
STYLE: Ballpoint pen
INK: Black
REFILLS: Kaweco ballpoint refill
LENGTH: 10.5cm capped
MATERIALS: ABS/Terlux Plastic, Nickel Plated Trim SOURCE: Made in Germany

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Kaweco - Ice Sport Ballpoint Pen - Retractable - Pink