Midori Brass Pencil - Refill Pack


Established in Japan in 1950, Midori is a Design Stationery brand of international repute - famous and admired for the smoothness of its MD paper, the quality of its brass products and its beautiful leather traveler's notebook.

The Midori Brass Pencil is a clever, magnificent piece of minutiae! With a body made in Japan from 100% brass, the pencil is easily refillable by inserting fresh leads. This refill pack contains 3 leads and 2 erasers, incredibly easy to insert into the pencil for continued enjoyment.

QUANTITY: 3 Leads and 2 Erasers
SIZE: Leads - 72mm in length
SUITS: Midori Brass Pencil - Brass / White / Brown
MATERIALS: Lead / Wood
SOURCE: Made in Japan

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Midori Brass Pencil - Refill Pack