Moleskine Shell - Tablet (iPad)

SKU: 585d7b

With their clean design, Moleskine Shells recall the supreme simplicity of the Moleskine notebook. The Tablet Shell is a Apple iPad 1 case, Apple iPad 2 case, or Kindle DX case and suits most tablet models. Check the dimensions of your device.

The tablet case has a handy divider that allows you to stand the tablet up for viewing/reading. The Moleskine iPad cover contains a net pocket suitable for a pocket size notebook or your pens, headphones etc.

Moleskine Shells are made of a strong, rubbery material and provide awesome protection for breakable objects. The moulded material is super tough and water-repellent.

SIZE: (28.1x20x3.5cm)
SUITS: Apple iPad 1, Apple iPad 2, Kindle DX and most tablet models
MATERIAL: Durable EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) outer. Lined Interior

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Moleskine Shell - Tablet (iPad)