Palomino - Blackwing Pencil Volume 24 John Steinbeck - Limited Edition - Set of 12

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Our favourite pencil, the Palomino Blackwing, in a fabulous special edition!

This Palomino Blackwing 'Volume 24' set of 12 premium graphite formulation honours 20th-century author John Steinbeck. Designed in collaboration with his son, author Thomas Steinbeck, Palomino have attempted to create what would have been John Steinbeck's ideal pencil.

The Volume 24 pencil is all-black from barrel to eraser, as John Steinbeck favoured black pencils to avoid distraction when writing. The Volume 24 has a brand new graphite formulation perfect for extended writing and with a firm point that sharpens without sacrificing much, if any, darkness.

John Steinbeck believed in the benefit of rituals, and started his day with a ritual that this limited edition Blackwing pays tribute to. Before putting pencil to paper, he would sharpen 24 pencils and place them point up in first of two identical wood boxes. Each pencil lasted just long enough to dull its point; usually the pencil would last four or five lines, before being placed in the second box, point down. After all 24 pencils had progressed from one box to the other, John would resharpen each pencil and begin the process again. According to Thomas, some days John would use over 100 pencils. But every day started with 24 pencils and the sound of the pencil sharpener.

Made in Japan with Genuine Incense Cedar, it is amazingly smooth and beautiful. Palomino IS the world’s best pencil. The Blackwing is recommended for drawing, sketching and shading. If you want a writing pencil, check out the Palomino Blackwing 602.

Ideal for illustrators and musicians who prefer a soft, dark line, the Palomino Blackwing was launched by California Republic Stationers in October 2010 as a modern version of the iconic Eberhard-Faber Blackwing pencil that was favoured by artists such as Stephen Sondheim and Frank Lloyd Wright.
QUANTITY: 1 x pack of 12 pencils
SIZE: 20.5cm long. 0.75cm barrel diameter
LEAD: Special Graphite Formulation. Very Black.
SUITS: Sketching, Drawing, Shading.
MATERIALS: Genuine Incense Cedar Barrel. Graphite Formulation Lead. 
FEATURES: Replaceable Erasers (Pink / White / Black). Legendary Design. 
SOURCE: Made in Japan

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Palomino - Blackwing Pencil Volume 24 John Steinbeck - Limited Edition - Set of 12