Artline - 220 Fineliner Pen - 0.2mm - Blue

SKU: ATL-122003 / EK-220

The superfine plastic tip on the Artline 220 makes it ideal for use with stencils or lettering guides. The super-fine line produced is only 0.2mm. The instant drying, water based and blur proof ink is suitable for all general writing and drawing. It will not bleed, even through thin paper.

Artline pens are known worldwide as simple, affordable, professional quality writing and drafting instruments. A Japanese company, Artline practices precision, economy and purpose-driven design with an environmental awareness well ahead of its time.

QUANTITY: 1 x fineliner pen
LENGTH: 13.5cm
INK: Water based Ink
NIB: 0.2mm super fine
SOURCE: Made in Malaysia

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