Pomegranate - 100 Pc Puzzle - Charley Harper - Red-Eyed Vireos

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Charley Harper's bird designs are iconic minimalism at its best. This is a beautiful example of his work, designed as a 100 interlocking piece puzzle.
Whether you're after something you can do on a lunch break, or finish and keep as a piece of art, this is the ideal size puzzle. And the Charley Harper classic picture of two Red-Eyed Vireos making their own nest, makes it something beautiful to look at.

Charley Harper was a modernist artist who drew inspiration from the natural world. More interested in shape, form and colour than in detail, his stylised drawings are timeless.

Now you can enjoy his artwork on a small, 100 piece puzzle, perfect for all ages. 
CONTAINS: 1 x 100 pc puzzle 
BOX SIZE: 120 x 165mm 
PUZZLE SIZE: 250 x 200 mm
FEATURES: 100 interlocking pieces in a hinged metal box
MATERIALS: Cardboard and metal 
SOURCE: Pomegranate - USA 
ISBN: 9780764964121

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