Craft Design Technology - Box File Holder - Wide

SKU: CDT-940-LIPH1-035-wide

Organisation the Japanese way...

This simple but elegantly designed CDT Box File Wide stands upright and stores books and files effortlessly. It is designed to easily fold open or close when not in use.

In the design, focus was placed upon the colour, which was blended in during the paper milling process. This has allowed expression of colours unachievable through printing alone.

The box file is available in three traditional Japanese colours “Haijiro" (Light Gray), “Kuriiro" (Dark Brown), “Nibiiro" (Dark Grey). The files can be beautifully displayed as a set in tri-color or monotone.

Craft Design Technology (CDT) combines modern design with Japanese heritage of traditional craft and technology, the result being high quality essential everyday stationery.

This is item 68 in the CDT range.

SIZE: 31 x 26 x 10 cm
FEATURES: Foldable for easy storage.

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