De Atramentis - Scented Ink - Bottled - 35ml - Baked Apple Ink - Green

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A handmade range of inks from Germany, available in a huge variety of colours and styles. This one is green in hue, and smells like baked apples! 

Presented in 35 ml glass bottles, this ink is one of the scented range. Ideal for fountain pens, but also used by illustrators and artists for brushwork.

De Atramentis is a small family business, headed by Dr Jansen. He became passionate about inks after inheriting a family treasure in the form of a 17th century ancestor's Pharmacist's book detailing how to create inks. After four years of testing, the first inks were produced in 1995 with several hundred inks now in the range - and all still handmade.

Any fountain pen enthusiast, artist or ink lover is going to want to own several of these fantastic quality inks.
SIZE: 35ml (bottle approx 75ml H x 50ml W)
MATERIAL: Glass bottle + ink
SCENT: Baked Apple
SUITS: Any fountain pen that has refillable cartridges
SOURCE: Germany

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Wonderfully smooth Ink--Highly recommended Review by Lamy Lover
There's no other way to describe it, this ink is smooth. Although the idea of a scented ink was what attracted me to buy it, the experience of using the ink has completely converted me. It's a 'wet' writing ink, with some shading, but no feathering or bleed-through on the paper (Rhodia). It has a longish dry time, but I don't think that should cause problems. I would describe the colour as a forest green. The scent is pleasant. I don't think it smells particularly like baked apple, more like a generic ‘fruity’ scent, but it's not bad (the coffee ink I bought at the same time does smell like coffee). You can smell it when you uncap the pen, but it's not overpowering (the person next to you probably won't notice it). The scent doesn't seem to stick around on the paper, so it's definitely for your pleasure only. It wouldn’t work for making scented letters or notes, for example. But hey, scented ink is fun, and it costs as much as the normal ink so why not? And this ink makes my pen glide across the paper. It writes far better than any other brand I've tried. Sheer joy to use. I highly recommend it to anyone, particularly if you’re looking to improve a scratchy pen, or for more fun during otherwise dull note-taking sessions. (Posted on 28/01/2017)

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De Atramentis - Scented Ink - Bottled - 35ml - Baked Apple Ink - Green