De Atramentis - Standard Ink - Bottled - 35ml - Fog Grey Ink

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A handmade range of inks from Germany, available in a huge variety of colours. 

Presented in 35 ml glass bottles, these inks are loved for their range and individual colour quality. The 'standard' inks are the core of the De Atramentis range, with thirty available at NoteMaker. Ideal for fountain pens, but also used by illustrators and artists for brushwork.

De Atramentis is a small family business, headed by Dr Jansen. He became passionate about inks after inheriting a family treasure in the form of a 17th century ancestor's Pharmacist's book detailing how to create inks. After four years of testing, the first inks were produced in 1995 with several hundred inks now in the range - and all still handmade.

Any fountain pen enthusiast, artist or ink lover is going to want to own several of these fantastic quality inks.
SIZE: 35ml (bottle approx 75ml H x 50ml W)
MATERIAL: Glass bottle + ink
SUITS: Any fountain pen that has refillable cartridges
SOURCE: Germany

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"Fog Grey" ink highly recommended for a vintage fountain pen and art work. Review by Christine
De Atramentis ink, "Fog Grey" is a beautiful, soft colour which flows freely through my vintage Parker fountain pen nib for everyday, writing tasks. I also use it when sketching, as I'm able to quickly apply a dampened brush to soften the line creating delicate shadows.

(Posted on 8/03/2017)
A lovely grey with a hint of blue Review by Cameron
'Fog Grey' is a lovely grey colour with a slight hint of blue that gives it a nice sheen. Currently using in a medium nib, will try it sometime in an italic - think it would look great.

I've tried a few different De Atramentis inks and would have no problem recommending them to anyone. They all work great. (Posted on 6/08/2015)

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