Moleskine - Evernote Smart Sketchbook - Dot Grid - Large (13x21cm) - Hard Cover - Black

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The very latest in digital/analog connectivity from Molekine! Moleskine has collaborated with Evernote to create the amazing Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook.

For those that prefer to think in pictures!

The Evernote Sketchbook by Moleskine removes the rules so you can put your ideas down in whatever shape they evolve. The pages feature faint dots only and the larger format gives you room to create.

Thicker 120 gsm art paper pages are designed specifically for drawing, drafting, and saving in Evernote with a single snap.

Smart stickers that come with the book allow you to tag notes and drawings for a specific notebook.

 Evernote is a groundbreaking technology that allows for easy capture and storage of your work via a range of digital devices. It makes it easy to save, sync and share notes, web pages, files, images and more.

Here's how it works:

- Use your Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook to record your work. The pages have faint dotted rulings that are designed for easy conversion to digital format.

- Next, organise your work by tagging pages with the Moleskine Evernote-ready smart stickers provided. The function of these clever little stickers is to allow you to categorise your work as you go, which Evernote recognises and categorises automatically in the digital space. Efficient!

- Now you're ready to digitise your work. Simply take a picture of any page in your notebook using your phone and the Evernote page camera. This instantly converts it to a searchable, shareable, safely-stored digital document.

- Now you have searchable, shareable and retrievable digital versions of everything in your Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook! You can easily share them with colleagues and friends, and create a secure, manageable resource for yourself, too.

QUANTITY: 1 x sketchbook with 3-Month Subscription to Evernote Premium
SIZE: Large - 13 x 21cm
PAGES: 160 pages (80 sheets)
STYLE: Dot grid
COVER TYPE: Hard cover
FEATURES: Evernote-ready smart stickers, Evernote premium subscription, fully debossed cover, green elastic closure, expandable inner pocket, thread bound, Moleskine history inside, premium Moleskine quality and design features
MATERIALS: Acid-free paper
SOURCE: Designed in Italy
ISBN: 9788867323876

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