J. Herbin - Flexible Wax - Box of 4 - Pearlescent - Ruby Red

SKU: JH-33022T
Flexible wax in a vibrant ruby red!

Easy to use and available in a range of colours, J. Herbin Flexible Wax Sticks blend the traditional with the contemporary. These pearlescent wax sticks create a striking effect. The high-quality wax, still made in Paris to this day, adds a beautiful touch to written correspondence. 

The wax sticks are easy to use, taking about 45 seconds per seal. The wax is flexible, so you can send it on the back of an envelope or other posted articles. A great option for crafty DIYers, this wax can also be used for invitations, gifts, or other items that need a simple, classic embellishment. Wax can be used on paper, glass, wood and plastic. 

Each box contains four wax sticks. Each wax stick can produce approximately 7 seals. This set is a great option for the occasional user who does not have a bulk run to do (we recommend the J. Herbin Wax Gun and Wax Gun Sticks for bulk runs).

The world's oldest name in ink production, J Herbin's vivid Perle des Encres (Jewel of Inks) range began production in 1700. From Napoleon Bonaparte to Victor Hugo and Coco Chanel, Herbin inks and sealing waxes have been used by conquerors, novelists, designers and dignitaries for over 300 years. Today, their vibrant colours and long-lasting pigments ensure J. Herbin continues to be the foremost choice of ink for calligraphy writers and fountain pen users around the globe.
WAX TYPE: Wickless sticks 
QUANTITY: Box of 4 sticks (approximately 7 seals per stick) 
SOURCE: Handmade in France

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