J. Herbin - Universal Ink Cartridges - Red Earth (Terre de Feu)

SKU: JH-20147T

Recommended for medium to broad nibs, J. Herbin Universal Ink Cartridges are suitable for all fountain pens without a patented cartridge refill. 

Terre de Feu is a brown ink with a red tone, reminiscent of the sun-burnt desert earth.  The ink writes very smooth and will begin predominantly red in a fine nib and introduce more brown tones as the nib width broadens.  

Each pack of six 'snap in' ink cartridges comes packaged in a cylindrical metal tin.   All J. Herbin inks are pH neutral and non-toxic.  They are water-based and therefore will run if wetted.  The inks are light fast and only natural dyes are used.  We recommend high quality paper with J. Herbin Ink.

QUANTITY: 6 cartridges per tin
SOURCE: Made in France

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