LAMY - ABC Fountain Pen

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The LAMYABC Fountain Pen is the perfect choice for small hands: it’s comfortable to hold, bright and fun!

Educational experts helped design the LAMY abc for children learning to write. The ergonomic grip assists natural, relaxed positioning of little fingers, which helps to form proper writing habits.

It features a maplewood body, sturdy plastic tip and cube, a non-slip, rubbery plastic grip and fun name sticker.

The fountain pen uses a smooth-writing 'A' Grade Beginner's nib. Refill easily with a LAMY T10 giant ink cartridge, or the use super-fun Z28 LAMY converter to suction up your favourite ink colour. The high-quality polished steel nib ensures writing ease.

REFILLING MECHANISM: LAMY T10 giant ink cartridge or Z28 LAMY converter for bottled ink
LENGTH: 13cm
NIB SIZE: Beginner's 'A'
MATERIALS: Maplewood, rubber & study plastic
SOURCE: Made in Germany
DESIGNER: Entwicklungsgruppe Mannheim/Prof. Bernt Spiegel

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