LAMY - Notebook with LAMY LOGO Plus Ballpoint Pen Set - 50 Years Special Edition - Grey/Black

To mark 50 years of LAMY Design, fans of LAMY can now look forward to this special edition set which will be available only in the anniversary year: a carefully designed notebook complete with an exclusive edition of the LAMY LOGO+ ballpoint pen. 

The high-quality notebook included in this set is made of a soft nubuck imitation leather with blind embossing, and provides an overview of the history of LAMY design over 24 colour-print pages. These pages describe the development of the company from 1966 to the present day, and offer a glimpse of the production process in Heidelberg. Plus a whole page each is dedicated to LAMY’s most popular writing instruments. 

The notebook also includes 216 pages of high-quality paper, with a pale grey ruling. The LAMY matte black LOGO+ ballpoint pen included in the set will easily help you fill up this notebook with all your important notes & thoughts.
QUANTITY: 1 x notebook and pen set
NOTEBOOK: 216 pages, ruled, 13.5 x 21.5cm, made of nubuck imitation leather with elastic closure.
BALLPOINT PEN: Black Ink, refills with LAMY M16 giant refill, 13.6cm long, made of stainless steel with cyclical finish
INCLUDES: Presented in thick card box with external sleeve.
SOURCE: Made in Germany

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