Platinum - Plaisir - Fountain Pen - Medium - Red

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SKU: PN-PGB-1000-70
The perfect pen for a first-time fountain pen user, the Plaisir refillable fountain pen from Japanese brand Platinum is inexpensive, high-quality and simple to use. 

Platinum's Plaisir fountain pen has a high-quality anodised aluminium body which is resistant to damage and scratching. The surface of the body has a beautiful shine, and this model has an innovative cap that has a unique “Slip & Seal” mechanism which prevents the ink from clogging, even if the pen goes unused for a year. 

If you've never used a nib before, the Plaisir is an ideal introduction! 

Based in Tokyo, Platinum has been manufacturing writing instruments since 1919, and was the first company in the world to create the cartridge-style ink refill. Platinum designs their products using the finest raw materials, leading technology and the best engineering knowledge.
QUANTITY: 1 x Fountain pen

LENGTH: 142.5mm capped, 120mm uncapped, 149mm cap posted
NIB: Medium

INK: Black
REFILL: Platinum fountain pen ink cartridges
MATERIALS: Aluminium, chrome body. Stainless steel nib.

SOURCE: Made in Japan.

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Platinum - Plaisir - Fountain Pen - Medium - Red