Tombow - 'PiT Hi-Power' Glue Sitck - 22gm

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Effective and simple to use, the Tombow PiT Hi-Power glue stick is a great addition to any craft kit or school pencil case. 

This glue looks white before application, but dries clear. With a strong hold, it works well with various papers and cards. 

Founded in 1913 in Shinshiro, Japan, Tombow Pencil Co. has a long tradition of manufacturing innovative writing instruments. Quintessentially Japanese in their design, Tombow products are simple, efficient, and made with the strictest environmental standards. Tombow, guided by principles of beauty, ergonomics and technical perfection, are world-renowned for their quality and aesthetic simplicity. 
QUANTITY: 1 x glue stick 
SIZE: 22g (glue) 
SUITS: Children, craft 
MATERIALS: Recycled PP container 
SOURCE: Made in Japan

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